Email Marketing continues to be the most effective means of customer engagement, in 2022…and for the foreseeable future.

Our email marketing experts work with your team to understand and identify the goals of the marketing campaign, before planning the delivery and execution.
We can then assist with developing your content and messaging, design, structure and then build the email.

Our development team builds and tests all new email marketing campaigns – tested to ensure precise delivery across all devices (desktop or mobile), all operating systems and all mail servers.
We can execute your campaign in-house, either on your premises or remotely, on your existing email marketing platform, whether it be Adobe Campaign, Salesforce, or other. Or we can use our 3rd party software to launch, manage and report on your campaign.

The execution of our campaigns is precise – we can A/B test to leverage the most effective of email iterations, or offers, we can target uique audiences and also provide fascinating insights into the performance of your campaigns: who opened the email, when it was opened, were any links in the email clicked/viewed and more.

Our comprehensive reports then drive optimisation for future campaigns.

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